Monday, July 30, 2007

What's Up?

Nothing here! A very uneventful weekend. Spent most of my weekend in my Scrapbook Room re-organizing. Oh yea, I painted my armoire black. The doors I painted with magnetic paint and then painted over the top of it. It works GREAT! I made some strong magnets using chipboard, acrylic paint, rubbre stamps and Crystal Effects and VERY strong magnets. I am going to use the doors to display work, especially for classes and samples.

I will upload some pics of the cabinet and my organization once I'm finished. Nothing else new...except I found a great deal at Kohl's.....I bought two pair of capri jeans - one pair was 6.28 the other pair 10.20!!!! Can you believe that? Not to mention they fit great and look really good. I'm so excited. They were regularly priced at $34.00 each. This never happens to me, I never find good items for sale!

Gearing up for the kids to start school next Monday. I can't believe it. The summer has gone by so quickly. This Thursday I take my daughter to her open house, and my husband will be taking his son to his open house. So, this week will be buying school supplies and some school clothes! Sounds exciting huh?

I will also be uploading some of my projects into an album. Still in the process of getting this blog set up like I want bear with me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good News?

Lots of thoughts are running through my little brain right now. I talked to me sister this morning (she lives in Oklahoma) and just got off the phone with my father...he just sold his house.

Maybe I will start at the beginning - my mother, after being ill off and on for a few years, passed away March 4. We were all there with her, and it was the most difficult day of my life. I spent three weeks with my daddy after the funeral. Being in that house was really strange. I lived in that house from the age of 10 until I was 19. There are many memories in that house, and my mom was everywhere I looked. It was odd being there without her. I expected her to come walking out of the bedroom, or the kitchen...but it never happened.

My dad thought long and hard about the house. He insisted we immediately remove all her things as soon as we my sister and I dove in. It was accompanied with tears and some laughter. After a while, dad came to the conclusion that he could not keep the was just too much house for him alone. We looked into some retirement villages for him. After I returned home he toured a few of them and then found the one of his dreams. This was in April. He put his house on the market.

Shortly after the house went on the market, dad went in the hospital to remove a tumor from his lung....lung cancer. The ended up doing a lobectomy. It has taken quite a while, but he is gradually getting better. They got all the cancer and his prognosis is good (he is 81).

Dad ended up moving into his new place on June 30. He is absolutely loving it there. He is meeting friends there (matter of fact he is cooking dinner for two of his new friends tonight). He is actually getting some enjoyment out of his life. One thing that was hanging over his head and filling him with stress was his house. He just couldn't continue paying for two households much longer. He was really at the end of his rope. When I talked to him yesterday he was really upset and asked that I would pray for him...I told him I would.

So, as much as I hate seeing that house go...I am happy that my dad can now be happy and have that stress over. I think it is a little bittersweet for him right now. He has lived there since 1969, when we moved to Oklahoma from Iowa - 38 years. Wow.

This picture is of my mom and dad at their 60th wedding anniversary party. As you can see from the date stamp on my picture - it was May 27 almost made it to their 61st. I miss her so much! I love you mom.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Scrapbook Room

I have been seeing a lot of talk on different groups that I am in regarding scrapbook rooms. Last year (finished in December) we added on a room to our house for my scrapbook room. It is a 16x30 room with a bathroom. It is great for holding classes. This way, I don't have to run my family out of the room. Before, my husband resigned himself to the bedroom to be out of the way. Now, everyone can go about their business without being disturbed. If you want to view more pictures of my room, you can go to the following site
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
I am really loving my space. I am still looking to maximize the space I have, because I seem to already be running out of room! (Guess I need to quit buying stuff)! LOL I know that I just need to be creative with some of the space I have...but I just haven't come up with anything yet. So, I am always open to suggestions.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is a rolodex reminder that I made. It is so fun using also has a calendar page, which can be changed out year from year. The corners of the calendar just slips into slots made on the page. This is a project of Leah Fung...I took this class online, and loved it. There are so many variations you can do...such as a baby album with baby's firsts, use it for recipes, etc. You can customize it anyway that you would like.

This is a clock that I altered. All products are Heidi Swapp. I love this clock...I have it hanging in my scrapbook room.

This page is one that I did for the site "One Little Word" . I really liked the way it came out. It was a stretch for me...a little out of my comfort zone. I had received a new camera, and I wanted to experiment with action shots. I got some of these really fun shots of my daughter jumping on the trampoline. Then, "One Little Word" posted their challenge of doing a page using the word "Jump" and this is what I came up with. I had never participated in a challenge, nor had a I posted any projects of mine kind of scary for me.
As far as items used on this page...I'm not sure about the paper, but I know the chipboard alpha is by Making Memories "Cheeky". I love the alpha. I also used my sewing machine and stitched the layout with a zigzag stitch. I used some Heidi Swapp bling to encirle my "&". The arrows I did myself by printing on transparency.
I will try posting some of my other projects soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Beginning

Well, here I go...joining the bandwagon in the blogging world. I mean, why should I be the only one without a blog!

You would think that I would begin with some groundbreaking news...but no...I don't have any.

I will say this, I will do my best to post regularly...however, I do have a business that my husband and I I am there Monday thru Friday (this is where I am right now posting this). I will try to post projects regularly and post blog candy here and there.

When I get home tonight I will post some artwork and some pictures I have taken. This is a new hobby of mine. I have been wanting a new camera for some time now. I want to be able to take good pics of my kids while they are in action and be able to get close ups of them. Rather than them being microscopic blurs on my photos! So, for mother's day my hubby bought me a Canon Rebel XTi. I am LOVING it! I believe I have taken some pretty fair pics, and hope to improve as time goes on. So I will share these with you (again, when I get home to upload them!)

So, day one.....hope to hear from some of you!