Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rekindled Love

I have just a rekindled an old love of mine.....quilting. I had put it down for such a long time. My main reason was that I HATE cutting out quilts. I love sewing them, but the cutting made my hands and back hurt.

Well, fast forward to now...I own a beautiful Accuquilt Go. Now I don't have to worry about sore hands or back. If you don't know about the Accuquilt Go, let me enlighten you. For you scrapbookers out there, it is very similar to a Sizzix or Cuttlebug machine. The machine opens up like the cuttlebug and you have dies similar to the Sizzix machine. You lay your fabric on the dies, place your cutting mat on top, crank it through the machine, and you have perfectly cut quilt shapes in seconds. No more slipping rulers and quilt shapes that don't match up right when sewing. You can cut up to 4-5 layers of fabric, depending on the type of fabric you are using. I have to say, it is fabulous. I just recently received my GO, and I only have the die that came with the machine, so I can't say that I have a tremendous amount of experience at this time to give you. However, I look forward to collecting ALL the dies and then I will be happy to show you the wonderful things the GO can do.

You can check out the Accuquilt GO on their website.

Let me know what you think.

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