Friday, August 15, 2008

Yea August

I am so happy that August is here. Our kids started school August 7 - which makes me very happy (and them as well). They had to come to work with us a lot this summer which was not so fun for them or us! LOL

My daughter finally got into contacts...she is so excited about it. It is amazing how grown up she looks now. She began Middle School this year and is loving it. She also has her first boyfriend! It is so cute.

My son is in football. He has been working really hard at it. And, I taught him to water ski last weekend. He is so thrilled with it! Now he can't wait to get back to the lake to do it again.

I have been selling a lot of my jewelry lately. I am so excited about that. I am considering an Etsy site to sell my wares...just not sure yet. I am considering selling some handmade cards, some purses, and jewelry. We will see. I may even get to the point of selling some that is ambitious isn't it?! LOL

If anyone reads this site...I would like to recommend a site to you if any of you sew. I found the site She has a wonderful pattern for a purse and you can also buy the fabric squares to make it as well. It is a quilted purse and is adorable. I can't wait to make mine. I must also mention she is a joy to work with...I would definitely recommend her!
I will post my purse when I make it.

Well, must get to work...

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