Friday, September 11, 2009

I Just Can't Do This

I just can't keep up with blogging. I wish so badly that I could. Do you all schedule a time every day to blog? I just forget and then I get busy, yada yada yada.

Since my last post I found out I do NOT have rheumatoid arthritis. Let me hear a big YOOHOO! I was so worried about it. So now I can cross that off my list of things to stress about.

My husband and I had our anniversary at Tims Ford Lake and had a marvelous time. The house we rented was amazing. We really enjoyed having our own boat dock to park our boat and to fish. Early each morning that is where I would find my off the dock. The weather was beautiful, the lake was great, and we enjoyed some R&R. We also had a wonderful anniversary dinner out.

I think that pretty much catches us up.

The kids are back in school. I have one in high school now....can't believe he is that old. My other child is in middle school. They are both enjoying school. My son plays football and soccer, so that keeps us terribly busy. He starts for JV and gets to suit up for Varsity. Tonight we are going to my son's varsity football game, and then we leave in the morning for Knoxville for a weekend long soccer tournament.

My daughter isn't involved in any particular extracurricular activity this far. She is in chorus, which she loves. She isn't a big sport fan. She would love to take singing lessons, so that is probably something I will look into. I would love for her to take piano lessons, but since we don't have a piano at home....we do have a keyboard, but I don't know if that would suffice.

One of my sisters, which lives in OK, is coming to visit me in October. I cannot wait. She hasn't been out here to visit before, so we will have a blast. I am going to stay home from work while she is here so we can enjoy the visit. We had hoped that my other sister was going to be able to come out as well, but she had an unexpected surgery which will now keep her from coming out. I sure hope the three of us can get together sometime in the near future. We have so much fun together.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we moved my son's bedroom. We moved him to the bonus room. I turned out really awesome. Now I have a guest room for guests to stay in. In the past we had to run my son out of his room....not anymore. The guest room is going to be cute when I get done. Now I just have to finish my daughter's room. We have been painting her furniture black. Her room is coming together slowly, but I think it will be nice when we finish. Can't wait to use my cricut and cut some vinyl designs to go on her wall. I am going to do that for my son too. I love my cricut!

Anyway, I think that is all there is. Maybe I will get back here sooner than last time. I am going to try.

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