Thursday, November 1, 2007

Heavy Heart

I am sad - I recently found out that my very best friend in the entire world is moving. She has and is like a sister to me.

When I moved to Chattanooga I knew no-one. Once my daughter started school I started hearing about this girl on the bus that always stood up for her. Then came fall and Halloween (2003). My husband and I had a demo Club Car 4x4 from our business; we attached one of our trailers, put some hay on it, and we were off toting kids from our neighborhood (and of course our children) trick or treating. When we came by one of the houses my daughter wanted us to stop...she said that was where her friend lived that I had been hearing about from the bus. She went up to the door...but no one answered. She was so disappointed.

A few months passed (we are now in 2004) and one day she asked to go play with this friend. So I took her up there to play - I met her mom but just to say hi-----by. My daughter and her daughter became and still are each others very best friend. A little later I was out on my golf cart for some reason and drove by her friends house. Her mom was out doing yard work. I stopped by and said hello and we started chatting. I had just started being a Stampin Up demonstrator, and I was telling her about what I was doing. I was going to have an Open House to start my business and I invited her to come. Well that was the beginning of our friendship.

She has been there for me through so many things....disappointments, heartbreaks, silliness, the death of my mom, and just someone to talk to. I haven't ever known anyone so giving of themselves. She is a TRUE friend who accepts me as I am. We have never in all these years had a cross word with each other. Matter of fact, I haven't ever been angry at her. We are always able to talk freely and openly with each other. We tell each other everything!

She told me from the beginning that there was always this possibility of her husband being transferred. He works for a major electronic store. Well, the day has come. He has taken a job in Nashville. Now granted, that is only 2 hours away from us...but it seems like it is on the other side of the world right now.

I don't know what I will do. I won't have her here to just call up and say..."Hey, I cut my hair, come down and tell me what you think" or "Hey, do you mind if I come up to visit for a while?" or "I need your opinion on how I decorated my room...come tell me what you think", or "you want to go shopping with me?". I know that I can still call her, we will still be able to talk every day, but I won't be able to just go up the street and drop in. It is going to be so hard.

It will probably be a while before she actually leaves. Her husband has already relocated, but she is staying here until their house sells. They are going to wait until after Christmas to put it on the market. So, I don't know how long it will be.

We have had such fun even getting our families together...we have gone to drive-in movies together; local festivals; each others houses to eat or play cards; out to eat; bowling...I just love her company.

Steph - I will miss you so much. I know it wasn't just luck that I found you to be my friend. You have blessed my life in so many ways. I feel very honored to be able to call you friend, and I hope that distance will never come between our friendship. Thanks for always being there for me. I love ya girl!

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